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Address: 1955 Kent Road, Kelowna, BC


Tel:  250-860-2408 Fax: 250-860-2178

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Dr. Ellen Nicklassen

Dr. Ellen Nicklassen, DVM


Our clinic believes in compassionate care while practicing modern veterinary medicine. I understand the fear, stress, and anxiety in pets. We are committed to reducing the feelings of stress in our patients which in return will result in a better experience for all involved. All of our staff receive continuing education every year to ensure that our health care is current with new ideas and research.

Kevin A

“Great experience. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable and prices are fair. I had to come in twice within a couple days of each other for vaccinating my cat. I forgot to get the rabies shot the first time so I had to come in again. The vet noticed this and gave me the discounted rate I would have gotten if I had gotten the rabies shot for the first appointment instead of having to pay the extra cost associated with another visit/appointment. This is what I call awesome customer service. Zoë is happy too."

Meridee Hlokof

"Ok! I don’t know that I could express my appreciation for this clinic! When no one else (in kamloops even) could help me with a c section for my dog, this vet went out of her way to make it happen…. THEN when she went into labor 3 days before the scheduled C-section…. They were ready when I arrived and then let me support my girl and her puppies when they entered the world! The second set of hands are n her puppies were mine! WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!

THANK YOU! I can’t give you enough reasons to come to this clinic… my girl is healthy and happy and so are all 3 pups!! She healed extra well - because they have co2 lasers for surgeries…

Just all around RAVE for this clinic! I will be back."

Katrina K

"Amazing staff, amazing doctors! Very friendly, very helpful. I could get quick appointment for my cat spaying, work done fast and professional. Highly recommended."
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