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The original Kelowna Veterinary Hospital was opened in 1946 near the Apple Bowl. It was eventually rebuilt at its current location in 1981 by Dr. Barbara Coughlin, who had taken over the practice in 1977. She cultivated a thriving small animal hospital that focused on traditional values and compassionate care. 

Ellen Nicklassen began working with Dr. Coughlin in 2000. Once she graduated from Vet College in 2013, she worked with Barbara until her passing in 2017. Dr. Ellen Nicklassen now runs the KVH with the same traditional values and compassionate care, but also with an emphasis on modern medicine.


The clinic has undergone a series of remodels and equipment updates, and will continue to do so to remain current and practical in the field of animal medicine.

The clinic is equipped with its own in house lab, digital X-Ray machine, ultrasound, Class IV Cold Laser, fully-stocked pharmacy, and surgical suite.

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Along with Dr. Ellen, Christine helps the clinic to run efficiently. She is the Head Vet Technician, graduating from TRU with an Animal Health Technologist Degree in 2013. The other staff members of KVH are passionate animal enthusiasts who's jobs range from office manager to receptionist to kennel person. 

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1955 Kent Rd, Kelowna, B.C. V1Y 7S6