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Pet Loss Services 

Our team at Kelowna Veterinary Hospital is here to support you through all the stages of your animal’s life, even the tough ones. End-of-life care for your pet brings about both difficult and emotional decisions. If you are caring for a terminally ill or elderly pet and are concerned about their quality of life, feel free to ask how we can help.

We conduct our hospice and euthanasia services on a case-by-case basis with the utmost compassion and understanding. We will answer any questions you may have and work to make this difficult process as easy as possible while accommodating your wishes.


End of Life

Though we may hate to acknowledge them, there are signs that will tell you if your pet might be suffering. Remember, you know your pet best. You know their behavior and personality better than anyone else you may turn to for advice.

Signs to look for include:

Pain: Are they in pain that can’t be managed by current medications?


Eating: Are they still eating on their own or willing to eat?

Going to the bathroom: Can they still go outside or get into their litterbox? If not, can the reason be fixed?

Interacting with others: Are they still present and interacting with you and others, or are they hiding?

Mood: Are they happy or still taking pleasure in their favorite activities like toys or walks?

Quality of life: Is their quality of life still good? Are they still thriving?


You know your pet better than anyone else. These are all points to consider when making a decision. And if at any point, your pet's disposition or health is in question, contact Kelowna Veterinary Hospital for a medical exam.

Proper medical intervention can add years to your pet’s life.


For terminally ill or senior pets in need of extra attention and support, we can provide the necessary pain relief, nutritional changes, and individualized care – all in the comforts of their home.

Palliative care is not focused on treating or curing a disease, but rather treating your pet’s symptoms to provide them with the most amount of comfort, better their quality of life, and maintain the human-animal bond.  Our services include:

  • Pain Management

  • Nutritional Changes

  • Subcutaneous Fluids

  • Disease Process Education

  • Incontinence Management




We work with Okanagan Pet Cremation to take care of your pet after they have passed.

There are several options to choose from:

  • Take your pet home 

    • If you would like to keep your pet close by burying them ​on your property

  • Private Cremation

    • Your pet will be cremated separately, and the ashes returned to you in a scatter box or urn of your choosing​ - see urn options here

      • Have a memorabilia ​piece created with your pet's ashes - more info here

  • Communal Cremation

    • Your pet will be cremated with other pets, and all the ashes will be scattered over a beautiful scenic field overlooking the lake​

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