Cold Laser Therapy

Our Cold Laser is a Class IV laser, meaning that it has been approved for use in the medical field. There have been and currently are many studies looking at the effectiveness of such a therapy. The research shows many benefits, with a low risk of side effects.

What is cold laser therapy?

This therapy uses a Class IV low-level laser to treat a variety of conditions by encouraging the cells of the body to heal. The medical term for this is Photobiomodulation, which roughly means using light to change the body.

How does the laser work in the body?

The laser wavelength is one that can penetrate the skin to reach different depths within the body. It delivers energy directly to cells which causes an increase in cellular activity, including increased ATP (cellular energy) production. Treatments are specific to your type of pet, their condition, and where on/in the body the problem is.

What are the benefits of this laser therapy?

It can reduce pain and inflammation, increase blood flow, and promote healing. Laser therapy doesn't just treat the symptoms; often it can address the root cause. 

What can cold laser therapy treat?

There are many conditions that can be improved by the application of laser therapy, such as sore muscles/muscle spasms, stiff joints, arthritis, post-surgical healing, wounds and neuropathy.

Is it safe?

With little to no side effects, laser therapy is a drug-free, non-invasive and painless way to treat your pet's ailments. It is safe for pregnant pets. 

What will my pet feel?

The laser device looks like a microphone, with a smooth rounded glass head that gently glides or hovers over the injured area. When the laser is being emitted, it feels warm to the touch.

How will my pet feel after?

Like humans, everyone reacts differently. Most patients experience relief after one treatment, although the odd pet will get more sore after the first treatment, but see improvement by the second. This is similar to when you visit a chiropractor or massage therapist for the first time in awhile; your body is sore and stiff after. Benefit is seen more with successive treatments.

Talk to Dr. Nicklassen or Dr. Youngberg to see if Laser Therapy is right for your pet!