Compassionate Care

Pet Loss Services

We understand that losing a pet is a very difficult time. The loss of a family member can be devastating. We are here for you with advice and compassion.

We offer humane euthanasia and cremation options.

Cremation Options

We work with Okanagan Pet Cremation to take care of you pet after they have passed.

There are several options to chose from:

  • Take your pet home 

    • If you would like to keep your pet close by burying them ​on your property

  • Private Cremation

    • Your pet will be cremated separately, and the ashes returned to you in a scatter box or urn of your choosing​ - see urn options here

      • Have a memorabilia ​piece created with you pet's ashes - more info here

  • Communal Cremation

    • Your pet will be cremated with other pets, and all the ashes will scattered over a beautiful scenic field overlooking the lake​