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A yearly wellness examination can help prevent diseases. In addition, early detection of arthritis, diabetes, and kidney disease is also possible. We make sure your animal is well cared for and in good health while giving you peace of mind.



Oral health is a very important aspect of keeping your pet's overall health in good shape. We check your pet's teeth during their exam so you can be sure they have great oral health. Damaged teeth can cause a lot of pain and we can fix that.



We provide a safe, comforting and efficient environment for all procedures. Our clinic offers a variety of surgeries such as routine spays and neuters to eye enucleation, lump removal, and more. Your pet will receive post-op nursing and comfort during their stay at Kelowna Vet.



Our team wants your pet to feel their best. We offer radiographs, ultrasounds, in-house blood work, urinalysis, cytology, aspiration, biopsies, and more to quickly get to the root of the issue.



Kelowna Vet offerers' well-rounded treatment plans including laser therapy, supplements, and Chiropractic Care.


Should your pet require medication we offer a fully stocked pharmacy so we can get them taken care of during your visit. 



Sometimes our pets require some extra help with their basic grooming needs. Our team can help them look and feel their best with nail trims and de-matting either while they are awake or undersedation.



When your pet needs a specialist we can refer them to the appropriate doctor. Some of the specialists in the Kelowna area are Ophthalmologists, Orthopedist, Dermatologists, Specialty Surgeons, Internal Medicine. 

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