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Food is Fuel 

Our team at Kelowna Veterinary Hospital is passionate about making the right choices for your companion's dietary needs. Whether your pet has a specific need or you are looking for a healthy option we are here to help.  We can help you determine your pets caloric requirements, explain how certain nutritional components affect your pet's health and supply you with therapeutic options for pets with health concerns. Recommendations made will always be based on a case-by-case basis so you know your pet is getting what they need.

Feeding Time

Diet Fads?

Every year there are new and upcoming ideas of dietary health and wellness for us and our pets. Our team will be transparent about studies, concerns, experience and considerations when talking about diet preferences.

Some diet preferences to ask about are: raw food, grain-free, homemade and more.

Therapeutic Diets

Here at Kelowna Veterinary Hospital, we carry several different diets that are tailored to specific health conditions. Some examples of medical problems that have nutritional support are:

* Urinary Crystals/Stones

* Kidney Disease



*Liver Disease

* Feline Thyroid Disease

*Chronic Obesity

*Joint Disease

*Neurological Disease

*Gastrointestinal Disease



*Heart Disease

    Your pet has more than one health concern? No problem. Many of the veterinary industry brands have "multifunction" diets to help those who have multiple areas to consider! Let us help you find options for your pets.

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